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Case Studies

Multinational Banking Corporation Uses Route Analytics to Avoid Outages

Service Provider Improves Layer 3 VPN Customer Satisfaction

Large Service Provider Ensures Uptime for Global Financial Organization

Health Care Provider Uses Route Explorer to Assure Critical Services

School District Uses Route Explorer to Assure Multicast Applications

Route Analytics Puts Telecom Giant in Control

TechValidate – Fortune 500 Telecom

TechValidate – CHRISTUS Health

TechValidate – Fortune 500 Energy Co.

TechValidate – Global 500 Oil & Gas

TechValidate – Global 500 Telecom

TechValidate – Internet Solutions

TechValidate – S&P 500 Communications & IT Co.

TechValidate – State & Local Gov’t

TechValidate – Oil & Raw Materials

TechValidate – Global 500 Telecom 2

TechValidate – Medium Radio & TV Services Co.

TechValidate – Telecom Operator

Data Sheets

SDN Management and Orchestration Platform

SDN Traffic Engineering application

Explorer Suite Overview

Route Explorer

Route Explorer for VPNs

Route Explorer for MPLS VPN WANs

Route Explorer for Multicast

Route Explorer for Traffic Engineering

Traffic Explorer

Performance Explorer

Tech Briefs

Using the Explorer Suite for DDOS Analytics

Route Explorer IGP Peering Configuration Options

Route Explorer in EIGRP to OSPF/ISIS Migrations

White Papers

Orchestration: Get ready for the platform revolution by TM Forum Research Insights

EMA: Real-Time Network Telemetry is Essential to SDN Management and Orchestration

Combining Management Intelligence and SDN Programmability to Meet Hyperfast Enterprise Needs by Caroline Chappell

The Missing Layer: SDN Management and Orchestration for Multi-Service Networks

Understanding and Managing IP/MPLS Mobile Backbone and Backhaul Networks

Understanding and Optimizing BGP Peering Relationships

EMA’s Network Management Megatrends 2014

Understanding & Managing Multicast Routing

SDN: Management and Orchestration Considerations

Restoring Visibility into the Cloud with Route Analytics

Network-Wide Capacity Planning with Route Analytics
Route-Flow Fusion℠: Integrated NetFlow and IP Routing Analysis

Enhancing Network Monitoring with Route Analytics

Ensuring Network Integrity, Continuity and Process Enforcement with Route Analytics

Ensuring SCADA Network Continuity with Route Analytics

Managing LTE IP Transport Networks with Route Analytics

Enterprise Network Management Visibility Through the MPLS VPN Cloud with MPLS WAN Explorer

Network Management Time Travel

Network-Wide Class of Service Management with Route Analytics

Next-Generation Mobile Network Operations & Maintenance with Route Analytics

Proactive Routing Health Audits with Route Analytics

Regaining MPLS VPN WAN Visibility with Route Analytics

Route & Traffic Analysis for Converged Networks

Route Analytics for RFC2547bis MPLS VPNs

Real-Time Traffic Engineering Management with Route Analytics

Understanding Logical Network Operations with Route Explorer and NetFlow

Jim Metzler: Business Case for Better Network Planning & Management

Jim Metzler: Mandate to Better Integrate Network Planning & Operations

Enterprise Management Associates on Route-Flow Fusion

Jim Metzler: The Logical Causes of Application Degradation

Network-Wide Change Management Visibility with Route Analytics

Speed Network Operations Problem Diagnosis