SDN Management and Orchestration Platform

The Explorer Suite is SDN-ready and provides a platform for deploying SDN-enabled applications. Its independent and vendor-agnostic set of integrated technologies enables the real-time monitoring, analysis and control of physical and virtual resources across IP/MPLS core, transport, metro, access and backhaul networks. It is the management and orchestration platform on which Packet Design's SDN applications are built.

Open RESTful APIs give customers and third party vendors programmatic access to the functions needed to enable intelligent provisioning of network services. Network operators can use the APIs to populate customer portals with service-specific performance metrics as well as develop their own custom SDN applications. By enabling integration with other packet and optical-layer technologies, OSS/BSS solutions and service orchestrators, Packet Design is helping operators gain first-mover advantage by increasing service agility and optimizing the use of network assets.

The platform is comprised of the Explorer products plus SDN extensions, including the APIs and Connectors to SDN Controllers. Capturing real-time network telemetry ensures millisecond-by-millisecond accuracy for operational monitoring and creates a rich database for forensic analyses. Predictive analytics and a policy-based path computation and optimization engine determine if and how application requests for network resources can be satisfied. The impact that such requests will have on other services is determined by calculating the resulting network topology, traffic behavior, and latency.

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Key Benefits

  • Maintain full visibility and control of existing and SDN-enabled infrastructure and services
  • Avoid traditional tools' visibility and knowledge gaps with real-time telemetry and analytics
  • Enable intelligent service orchestration with analytics- and policy-based path computation and optimization
  • Build custom SDN apps using RESTful APIs to access analytics and orchestration micro-services
  • Deploy SDN-enabled services with the vendor ecosystem and SDN controllers of your choice
  • Futureproof your monitoring, analytics and planning software investment with the SDN-ready Explorer Suite

Product Capabilities


  • For a software-controlled, dynamic network with thousands of changes occurring every hour, traditional tools that poll devices, analyze log files, and parse CLI screens are inadequate. They simply miss too much in between collection cycles. SDN analytics and control demand real-time network telemetry. The SDN MANO platform leverages Route Explorer's real-time collection of routing telemetry from physical and virtual network devices, as well as from SDN controllers. Every IGP/BGP routing event is recorded, and traffic flow records and performance metrics are correlated with the routing model to provide always-accurate, path-aware visibility into all services on the network.

    The real-time model is important for adapting to unforeseen events in the network, such as a link failure or a flapping route. The model will immediately reflect the change so that the condition can be corrected, either manually or programmatically, by changing the paths for some flows.

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SDN MANO Platform Deployment