Service Monitoring & Reporting

Operations teams need real-time visibility into the health of the IP/MPLS network and the performance of specific overlay services, such as Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs. They should also be equipped to suppress emerging threats to service availability before outages occur. Yet, despite investments in myriad tools, operations teams spend too much time reacting to events, service interruptions still occur, and time to repair is often embarrassingly long and costly.

Today’s networks are so dynamic that traditional methods for network monitoring are inadequate. Polling tools do not see the thousands of routing events that occur every hour and their impact on critical service paths. Flow analyzers also lack path information and cannot practically be instrumented across the entire network. Service management and APM tools display end-to-end response time metrics but offer little help in isolating the specific node or link within the network cloud that is responsible for out-of-baseline performance. As the industry moves to software-defined networking, these challenges are exacerbated and real-time telemetry and analytics become essential for network managers.

To solve this problem, Packet Design’s SDN-ready service assurance products integrate routing, traffic, and performance telemetry to provide unique, path-aware analytics. IGP and BGP protocol messages are captured in real time so NOC teams and engineers have an always-current Layer 3 view of the network. Service-centric traffic flow and SNMP performance metrics complete the picture. Actionable alerts and intuitive triage workflows help to reduce MTTR, resulting in fewer sustained outages, improved service quality, and happier users. Customizable reports allow network operators to prove service availability and produce detailed post-mortem analyses when unavoidable outages do occur.


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  • Service monitoring dashboards
  • Real-time views of service paths
  • Alerts to path anomalies
  • Service path lookup and triage workflows
  • Drill-downs to detailed analytics
  • Customizable reports

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