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DDoS Detection

Traditional DDOS detection and mitigation methods do not show the IP/MPLS path that attack traffic takes through the internal network. Nor do they help network operators to simulate attacks by modeling incoming traffic from other ingress points to understand the impact on links. Packet Design’s Explorer products provide analytics and modeling capabilities to help diagnose and mitigate the risk from DDOS attacks.

This technical paper explains how the Explorer Suite can be used to monitor the path and size of an attack, perform forensic analysis, and simulate future attacks for maximum preparedness.


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What is a DDoS Attack?

A DDoS, or distributed denial-of-service, attack is one in which multiple compromised computer systems flood a target with continual connections that disrupt or cause a denial of service for legitimate users of the targeted resource.

There are many ways a DDoS attack can be executed but typically it begins with an assailant exploiting a vulnerability in one computer system.  After creating a network of other vulnerable computer systems, the DDoS “master” overloads a targeted resource with protocols or application calls that cause a denial of service.

About Packet Design


Packet Design was founded with the goal of closing a critical network service assurance gap. Myriad vendor tools monitor and measure infrastructure health, bandwidth consumption, traffic composition, application response times, etc., but only Packet Design correlates the performance of critical services delivered across the network to routing behavior, in real time. When OSS/NMS dashboards are green but users are complaining of intermittent service outages or poor performance, Packet Design tells you why.

Over the years, our product portfolio has expanded from routing analytics to a service assurance suite that is used in the world’s largest and most complex networks. Today, hundreds of network operators use the Explorer products to improve network availability and performance, deliver new services faster and more economically, and improve customer satisfaction.

But we are just getting started. Packet Design’s vision is to be the premier source of intelligence to optimize the performance and control of physical and virtual networks. We are delivering vendor-agnostic SDN service management and orchestration products, and are working with early adopters to help them achieve first-mover competitive advantages.