Traffic Monitor

Traffic Explorer is the only product to provide path-aware traffic flow analytics. Traffic Explorer gives network operations and engineering teams real-time and historical visibility into the exact path specific service traffic takes across the wide area network. Planning capabilities enable engineers to interactively model changes in traffic workloads and understand their impact.

For network planners, architects, and engineers preparing to build next-generation, adaptive networks by leveraging SDN technologies, Packet Design’s unique mapping of service traffic to path, predictive traffic models, and vendor agnostic orchestration capabilities, are key enablers.

Key Benefits

  • Identify, diagnose and resolve network-wide routing and traffic problems faster
  • Continually optimize traffic flow to maximize asset utilization and avoid unnecessary link upgrades
  • Ensure new applications and traffic loads have adequate capacity before they are implemented
  • Simulate network changes to understand their impact on traffic and avoid unexpected outcomes from maintenance
  • Simplify the analyses required to optimize peering arrangements and costs
  • Monitor network-wide traffic behavior with the minimum collection footprint

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