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April 29, 2014
Like it or Not, You ARE in the Customer Service Business
Unless you work in research and development, where the value of your work may not be realized for many years, you are in the customer service business...
April 22, 2014
Is Netflix’s Arresting Development with Comcast a House of Cards, or Is it The New Black?
Comcast has decided to start charging Netflix extra to connect Netflix’s customers on Comcast’s network. More or less. It gets complicated...
April 15, 2014
No, Software Defined Networking will not Doom Engineers
With the advent of SDN, there is a lot of speculation these days about the future of network engineers. An article in PCWorld written by Stephen Lawso...
April 8, 2014
Comparing and Contrasting SDN Across the Pond
How do the U.S. and Europe compare on SDN? To find out, we just replicated a survey we conducted in the U.S. last year. At the MPLS SDN World Congress...
April 1, 2014
Route Analytics in the Age of SDN – Now, More than Ever.
One of the biggest problems that may delay widespread SDN adoption is not a problem of coding or engineering, but one of poetry. Network management is...