SDN Management and Orchestration in the WAN (Video)

Light Reading Editor-in-Chief Carol Wilson recently interviewed Packet Design CTO Cengiz Alaettinoglu about the SDN management and orchestration challenges facing service providers. In this short video, he provides a great summary of those challenges, focusing on the difficulties of running multiple services across wide area networks. In addition, he explains how Packet Design is uniquely positioned to help CSPs confront these issues with our 10+ years of pioneering work in route analytics.

The culmination of that experience is our new SDN Platform, the first independent, vendor-agnostic source of management intelligence providing access to the key analytics, optimization, and automation functions required by SDN applications. In the video, Cengiz explains our approach to SDN management and how the platform works. He also shows our SDN Traffic Engineering (SDN-TE) application, which leverages the SDN Platform (via RESTful JSON APIs) to optimize and provision RSVP-TE tunnels based on available bandwidth and user-specified policies. The goal is to help CSPs balance link utilization. Check out the video to hear Cengiz explain all this and get a birds-eye view into different screen shots and capabilities.

SDN Management and Orchestration Challenges and Solutions

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