Stop the Insanity Webcast: 5 Network Problems You Can Solve Now

Our own Matt Sherrod, VP of Product Management, presented “Stop the Insanity Webcast: 5 Network Problems You Can Solve Now” about the capabilities of Performance Explorer, a module of the Packet Design Explorer Suite. If you haven’t had the pleasure of meeting Matt or hearing him speak before, you are in for a real treat! You can listen to the on-demand version here:

With Performance Explorer, the Packet Design Explorer Suite uniquely shows the impact of routing behavior on the performance of network services. This benefits NOC teams as well as engineers and planners, who normally have to use a different SNMP tool to understand performance metrics for a given service and lack the granular hop-by-hop visibility needed to understand where in the network intermittent outages or congestion exists.

With the real-time route analytics in Route Explorer, traffic flow data in Traffic Explorer, and the SNMP-based performance data from Performance Explorer, the Explorer Suite presents all the information in one place, showing exactly how routing events impact the performance of critical services. And vice versa – how infrastructure events impact path.

These capabilities can help deliver a higher level of application services with faster troubleshooting and reduced service downtime. In this webinar, Matt explains how the Explorer Suite with Performance Explorer can help network pros to:

1. Isolate sources of latency in complex networks, including traffic engineered tunnels

2. Know when critical services are rerouted and degraded

3. Solve unexpected customer impacts from traffic shifts

4. Troubleshoot transient service delivery problems you can’t recreate

5. Understand when and how the network converges after an incident

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