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November 10, 2015
Addressing the SDN Management Gap at SDN/MPLS Conference
Packet Design CTO Cengiz Alaettinoglu will present a technical session during the 18th annual SDN/MPLS 2015 International Conference in Washington, D...
June 17, 2015
Dearth of development skills hindering SDN development, suggests 2015 MPLS SDN World Congress poll
We’ve been looking at the survey data we gathered from 114 attendees of the MPLS SDN World Congress this past March in Paris, and we’re coming to...
April 7, 2015
All About That YANG at the 92nd IETF Meeting
I was at the 92nd IETF meeting in Dallas a few weeks ago. I attended 16 sessions, mostly in the routing area, and every single one had a discussion ab...
February 24, 2015
Correlating Overlay and Underlay SDN Performance
Next month Packet Design CTO Cengiz Alaettinoglu will address the MPLS SDN World Congress in Paris about the need for SDN analytics to monitor and cor...
December 30, 2014
Top 10 Network Management Blog Posts of 2014
As the year winds down, we were interested to discover our most viewed blog posts of 2014, our inaugural year of the Knetwork Knowledge blog. Not surp...
November 18, 2014
SDN Deployments/Worries Rise Among Service Providers
For the second consecutive year, Packet Design surveyed attendees of the SDN/MPLS International Conference in Washington, D.C. about SDN adoption, bus...
November 11, 2014
The Best Presentations on SDN Analytics and Wide Area Orchestration at SDN/MPLS 2014
I attended the SDN/MPLS conference in Washington, D.C. last week, where I presented on the importance of analytics for WAN SDN application bandwidth s...