Top 10 Network Blog Posts of 2017

Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! Looking back at our most popular blog posts of 2017, we saw a few themes emerge. One of course is emerging technologies such as SDN – including how it’s being used in production networks – and 5G network slicing. In addition, our readers were interested in real-world case studies and examples featuring our customers. Another one is a focus on the basics: People need clear, simple explanations of technologies such as MPLS and PCE. Enjoy

  1. A Quick Start to MPLS Fundamentals: Our most-viewed post of 2017 outlines how an MPLS network functions, with definition of basic terms.


  1. Traffic Engineering Evolves: In this two-part series, our CTO Cengiz Alaettinoglu discusses how traffic engineering has progressed over the years from an offline model to the on-device model in use today. In part two, he covers the challenges of using RSVP-TE with this on-device model and why SDN is a more effective solution.


  1. Automating Network Optimization: Packet Design customer Stephane Litkowski, who is a Network Architect for a major European telecom provider, gives an in-the-trenches account of using automation to improve traditional approaches to network optimization.


  1. A Quick Start to Path Computation Element: With MPLS-TE and SDN on the rise, PCE offers great benefits. Here’s a look at what it is, its components, and how it works.


  1. Path Computation in the SDN World: A follow-up to the PCE intro blog post, this one describes how PCE facilitates traffic engineering and SDN in multi-domain, multi-layer carrier networks.


  1. Are You Ready for 5G Network Slicing? Expected to be ratified by the cellular telecoms-focused 3rd Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) in September, this technology will likely find application in fixed networks as well.


  1. Optimizing BGP Peering with Routing and Traffic Analysis: This post covers how service providers can make more informed decisions about BGP peerings, which are increasingly more complex.


  1. SDN Use Cases: Run Networks Hotter: Many of our customers are creative early adopters, so we get to hear and participate in many new, exciting ideas. This use case is part of a series we started this year outlining how service providers want to employ SDN.


  1. SDN Traffic Engineering Production Deployment by XL Axiata: With more than 40 million subscribers across Indonesia, XL Axiata uses the Packet Design Explorer Suite and SDN Platform to ensure optimum service delivery over its IP/MPLS mobile and core networks.


  1. Network Issues that Scared Network Engineers! Here’s how our customers faced down three nightmare scenarios.

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