Your Cisco Live Recap

It’s been three weeks since Cisco Live and we suspect you may have left a few memories in Vegas.

While most things should remain in Vegas, here is a quick recap of the 10 highlights you shouldn’t forget:

1. It was hot outside. Like, health hazard hot.

2. Inside it was cold. Everywhere.


3. You walked and walked…and walked.


4. One of your friends lost a lot of money.


5. One of your friends won a lot of money.


6. You *may* have missed an 8am session or two.


7. We all collectively disappointed Bruno Mars with our 10 Karat Magic dance moves.

8. You found yourself walking aimlessly through the World of Solutions and people gave you small goods in exchange for a seemingly harmless scanning of your badge.


9. If you were lucky, you managed to source some lunch most days.


10. An even luckier few got their hands on our coveted light up fidget spinners and saw a live demo of our Explorer Suite from a Packet Design expert. You were shown how the Explorer products correlate routing events, traffic flow data, and performance metrics for every device and link in the network to identify the root cause of complex and intermittent issues, eliminating finger pointing, and reducing MTTR. Unlike other tools that use point-in-time network models that may be out of date, interactive modeling features simulate routing changes and failure scenarios on the as-running network.


Cool stuff, remember now?

 Cisco Live Recap

If you are reading this, it is not too late to learn more about our Explorer Suite of products. Schedule a meeting with one of our experts now.

Keep spinning, my friends.


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