Gui Clients X-ming



  1. Install Xming software (
  2. Choose the Xming download which is available under the Public Domain Releases section.
  3. Follow the usual steps for installation, choosing Full installation and including the XLaunch wizard and Run utility for efficient operation (see image above).
  4. Include Normal PuTTY Link SSH client in the installation along with the other default selections (see image above). This client is used to connect via SSH protocol to the Traffic Explorer appliance.
  5. Complete the normal installation procedure, but do not start an X server.
  6. Once installation is complete run XLaunch.
  7. XLaunch provides muliple windowing choices on the Display settings dialog. The Multiple window option is recommended to accommodate the separate map and reports windows produced by Traffic Explorer.
  8. Under the Session type dialog you can choose Start a program.
  9. On the Start program dialog, in the Run remote section, choose Using PuTTY and fill in the IP address, user name and password to connect to the Traffic Explorer appliance. See the Administrator’s Guide for the default accounts and passwords.
  10. On the Additional parameters dialog, no changes are required.
  11. After you finish the configuration, you will be connected to the Traffic Explorer appliance and the main GUI window will appear.