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XL Axiata Deploys Packet Design Explorer SDN Traffic Engineering Application to Assure Network Services

Wireless service provider optimizing its network using SDN analytics and automation technology

AUSTIN, Texas – October 10, 2017 – XL Axiata, one of Indonesia’s leading telecommunications service providers covering 90 percent of the country’s population, has deployed Packet Design technologies to ensure optimum service delivery over its IP/MPLS mobile and core networks. XL Axiata chose the Packet Design Explorer Suite, including its Carrier SDN analytics and automation capabilities, to improve troubleshooting, automate traffic engineering to avoid link congestion, and mitigate risk as it expands and rolls out new services.

“Packet Design’s Explorer SDN Platform is the only technology able to do real-time path computation for dynamic traffic routing with no impact to services, throughout our MPLS Network,” said Taufiq Budiman, Expert – Transport IP for XL Axiata. “Being able to automate the deployment of tunnels with the Explorer SDN-Traffic Engineering app saves us time and money, and it helps us manage performance as we grow our network and roll out technologies like 4G LTE.”

The Explorer Suite uniquely correlates always-current routing and path behavior with traffic flows and network infrastructure performance to reveal how routing events and failures affect service delivery. With these real-time, historical, and predictive analytics, XL Axiata can plan, implement, and assure its services effectively. For example, as the service provider deploys new routers and upgrades link capacity, it is using the Explorer products to predict the impact of changes, simulate new workloads, and test failure scenarios to build a more resilient network.

To further ensure resiliency, XL Axiata is using the Explorer SDN Traffic Engineering (SDN-TE) application, which leverages the Explorer SDN Platform’s real-time telemetry, analytics, and policy-driven path computation and optimization engine. For instance, link failures occur frequently in the region due to fiber optic cables being cut on the ocean floor and construction damaging equipment on land. To ensure that customer service delivery remains constant when these failures occur, the SDN-TE app automates the difficult and time-consuming engineering task of re-balancing network loads.

To do this for XL Axiata, the Explorer SDN-TE app calculates and creates Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP-TE) tunnels to shift traffic from heavily congested links to lightly used links. This results in better overall use of network resources and smoother service delivery.

“Packet Design provides the analytics needed to optimize the performance and control of physical and virtual IP networks, especially large and complex ones like XL Axiata’s,” said Scott Sherwood, CEO of Packet Design. “The Explorer products will scale with XL Axiata, helping them to run their network more efficiently, deliver new services faster and more economically, and maintain high customer satisfaction.”

The Packet Design Explorer SDN Platform and SDN-TE app featuring the XL Axiata story has been shortlisted for Capacity Media's Global Carrier Awards in the "Best Network Technology Innovation" category. Winners will be announced October 25 in London.