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Packet Design Introduces New SDN Path Provisioning Application

Explorer Suite app enables network operators to create and provision services in seconds

AUSTIN, Texas – June 20, 2017 – Packet Design has launched an application for network operators to quickly build and activate the services their customers are requesting. The new Explorer SDN Path Provisioning application automates service path computation via a unique set of real-time, historical, and predictive analytics from the Packet Design Explorer SDN Platform.

For example, a customer may request a low-latency link from New York to Los Angeles for voice or video. Another may require a geographically constrained service that excludes routers in a certain city, region or country. Or, an operator may want to offer a diverse path service for customers who need to ensure there is no single point of failure.

The Explorer SDN Path Provisioning application enables operators to initiate these services automatically and with confidence that the best paths are being used for each service. Using the application’s web interface, network providers create a catalog of transport services with various characteristics and constraints to satisfy product management requirements. Operators can then easily fulfill customer requests using a wizard to define the different services.

“Packet Design’s control plane analytics are the most powerful in the industry and are uniquely well positioned to facilitate intelligent network automation,” said Matt Sherrod, vice president of product management for Packet Design. “Using these analytics, the new SDN Path Provisioning app can compute and provision the best paths in seconds instead of the days it normally takes. This latest app is another example of what can be achieved with our SDN platform.”

The path constraints operators can define include the transport service’s priority, the optimization algorithm required, whether RSVP-TE or segment routing traffic engineering should be used, the type of protection (such as node, link, Shared Risk Link Group (SRLG) or provider edge router diversity), and options to include or exclude nodes, interfaces, and SRLG. The Explorer SDN Path Provisioning application builds policies that specify the devices and links the service traffic can traverse as well as recovery options. With the click of a button, it creates the path(s) by passing the configuration data via APIs to an SDN controller or service orchestrator.

The Explorer SDN Path Provisioning application is included with the Packet Design Explorer Suite version 17.1, available today. Other new capabilities in this version include customizable dashboards and workflows designed for network engineers and operations teams. In another industry first, the new Explorer Suite includes the ability to see the current and previous path for specific service traffic in a single view, which is a powerful feature for troubleshooting network routing issues.