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Packet Design Partners with Ciena’s Blue Planet Division to Advance SDN Management and Orchestration for Network Operators

Company joins Blue Orbit partner program to develop joint multi-layer service assurance and orchestration solutions

Austin, TX – Nov. 7, 2016 – Packet Design has joined Ciena’s Blue Orbit program to accelerate the delivery of multi-layer SDN management and orchestration capabilities. The two companies will work together to integrate Packet Design’s IP/MPLS analytics and WAN-SDN management and orchestration (MANO) platform with Ciena’s Blue Planet Software, which enables multi-domain orchestration and provisioning. Network operator customers of both companies have been requesting this to achieve the multi-layer visibility and control needed to realize SDN benefits.

“SDN MANO is not viable without real-time telemetry and analytics at scale, because IP/MPLS and optical networks are complex and constantly changing,” said Scott Sherwood, CEO of Packet Design. “By partnering with Ciena we can address the clear and growing need in the industry for multi-layer MANO as well as a platform on which network operator and third-party SDN applications may be developed.”

Today, the network’s optical and IP/MPLS layers are managed separately. This limits agility and can result in less-than-optimal use of multi-layer capacity. Using SDN technology to converge the management and orchestration of both layers provides a flexible pool of resources that can automatically and intelligently respond to changing network conditions and business demands. This will enable network operators to be more agile and deliver a greater return on network assets.

“The combination of Packet Design’s analytics and SDN MANO capabilities with Blue Planet’s multi-domain orchestration provides the holistic, real-time visibility and provisioning capabilities network operators are demanding,” said Jim Brinksma, vice-president of strategy and business development at Ciena’s Blue Planet Division.

As part of the partnership, Packet Design joins Ciena’s Blue Orbit Partner Ecosystem, the first partnership program of its kind, focused on accelerating multi-vendor SDN and NFV deployments. Blue Orbit is a group of like-minded organizations committed to supporting network operators’ ongoing transformation to open, programmable, and virtualized networks.