Video Series Examines SDN: The Good, the Bad, & the Ugly

Leading industry analyst and Packet Design CTO discuss all facets of SDN in short video casts

What’s the reality on the ground with software defined networking (SDN)? Are humans in the network becoming obsolete? What network management best practices can we bring to the automation realm? Packet Design has released a wide-ranging conversation on these topics and more between Jim Frey, vice president of research for analyst firm Enterprise Management Associates, and Cengiz Alaettinoglu, CTO of Packet Design. Titled “SDN: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly,” the series consists of seven short videocasts where both experts provide an overview of SDN, related technologies, standards initiatives, and management considerations.

SDN Video Series Segments:

  • Defining SDN: What is it exactly and how does it differ from “software derived networking” and “network function virtualization?”
  • SDN Standards Bodies & Consortia: Who is actively working on SDN and which segment is lagging?
  • What’s Working and What’s Not: What are the risks with SDN? Is Google’s success with their custom-built SDN a model for the industry?
  • The Need for a Network Access Broker (NAB): How do we determine if an application deployed via SDN will not adversely impact other applications?
  • Use Cases for the Network Access Broker: Which SDN applications need careful monitoring, especially across the wide area network (WAN)?
  • SDN Management Challenges: How do we arbitrate competing network resource requests? Do we need to develop brand new ways to manage networks? Which analytics are critical?Conclusion and Key Takeaways: Is SDN revolutionary or evolutionary? Tune in to let Jim and Cengiz reveal their thoughts.

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