Packet Design Wins 2016 INTERNET TELEPHONY SDN Excellence Award

AUSTIN, Texas – July 26, 2016 – Packet Design has been named a 2016 INTERNET TELEPHONY SDN Excellence award winner by TMC, a global integrated media company. TMC recognizes companies that demonstrate innovation, vision, and execution in delivering software-based networking tools to support different and unique communities of interest. Packet Design won for its SDN Management and Orchestration (MANO) Platform and SDN Traffic Engineering (SDN-TE) Application.

“Automation is critical to delivering services with varying and conflicting conditions, but current WAN SDN technologies lack the management intelligence needed to create adaptive networks,” said Matt Sherrod, vice president of product management for Packet Design. “Packet Design is gratified that TMC and INTERNET TELEPHONY have recognized us for filling this void. We help network operators create dynamic, flexible networks that can be reconfigured quickly to accommodate different business requirements.”

The Packet Design SDN MANO Platform is the first independent, vendor-agnostic platform to provide visibility into and control of physical and virtual network resources in the WAN. It delivers the key analytics, optimization and orchestration functions required by SDN applications. Service providers and enterprises benefit by using the platform’s MANO building blocks to create, deploy, and monitor SDN applications across the WAN.

The SDN-TE Application is Packet Design’s first SDN app. It leverages the SDN MANO Platform to optimize and provision RSVP-TE tunnels based on available bandwidth and user-specified policies. The goal is to balance link utilization by shifting load from congested to lightly used links. The application calculates the best paths and automatically provisions the tunnels via the OpenDaylight controller.

“Congratulations to Packet Design for receiving a 2016 INTERNET TELEPHONY SDN Excellence Award,” said Rich Tehrani, CEO, TMC. “Packet Design has demonstrated true innovation and is leading the way for SDN. I look forward to continued excellence from Packet Design in 2016 and beyond.”

Winners of the SDN Excellence Award will be featured in the June 2016 issue of INTERNET TELEPHONY magazine.

About Packet Design

Packet Design technology helps the leading network operators, enterprises, and government agencies across six continents deliver critical services across the cloud. The Explorer product suite uniquely combines routing, traffic, and performance analytics for real-time, path-aware operational monitoring and back-in-time forensics for troubleshooting transient problems that can cause major service disruptions. Interactive modeling helps engineers predict the impact of changes accurately, simulate new workloads for capacity planning, and test failure scenarios to build more resilient networks. With these analytics as a foundation, Packet Design is delivering SDN management and orchestration capabilities in complex, multi-service networks.