Packet Design CTO to Discuss SDN MANO Requirements During SDN/MPLS Conference

Technical presentation to cover need for service and policy aware SDN management and orchestration

AUSTIN, Texas – Nov. 10, 2015 – During the 18th annual SDN/MPLS 2015 International Conference in Washington, D.C., Packet Design CTO Cengiz Alaettinoglu will present a technical session about the importance of analytics in software defined networking (SDN). He will discuss the need to add a management and orchestration (MANO) tier to SDN architectures so that multi-service networks can adapt automatically to business demands.

Session Title: “Service and Policy Aware SDN Management and Orchestration”

Session Description:

Today’s service provider networks are complex, because they must support many applications ranging from Internet access, streaming video, voice over IP, layer 2 and layer 3 VPNs, 3GPP mobile backhaul and core transport, and cloud services. Running multiple applications on a converged network presents management challenges, because each application has unique performance requirements, growth rates, and fault-tolerance characteristics.

While an SDN controller can simplify and speed provisioning, organizations need topology, traffic and performance analytics to make intelligent, automated traffic engineering possible. SDN MANO needs to become service aware by provisioning these services end-to-end, from the access and aggregation networks where necessary virtual routing and forwarding and access-lists are set up, to the WAN where paths that satisfy these performance requirements are set up.

In this talk, Cengiz will give an overview of some of the new protocol and open-source developments, such as IETF’s NETCONF/YANG, I2RS policy associations, and PCEP, and how they can be orchestrated together to achieve this end-to-end service activation. To gain maximum network efficiency, the industry also needs extreme topology and performance telemetry from different layers of the network. In addition, analytics algorithms are needed to find resources in the network to run these services even under heavy load. He will illustrate how to overlay different traffic matrices, one for each service class, on top of each other with their own separate optimization algorithms in order to yield optimum multi-service delivery networks.

Date and Time: Monday, Nov. 16, 11:00 - 12:30 p.m. EST

Packet Design is a platinum sponsor of the conference and will be demonstrating its new SDN Management and Orchestration Platform, to be launched next week.

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Packet Design technology helps the leading network operators, enterprises, and government agencies across six continents deliver critical services across the cloud. The Explorer product suite uniquely combines routing, traffic, and performance analytics for real-time, path-aware operational monitoring and back-in-time forensics for troubleshooting transient problems that can cause major service disruptions. Interactive modeling helps engineers predict the impact of changes accurately, simulate new workloads for capacity planning, and test failure scenarios to build more resilient networks. With these analytics as a foundation, Packet Design’s SDN management products facilitate effective delivery of complex, multi-service networks.