SDN Adoption Increases Along with Concerns According to Packet Design Survey

Growth in production SDN coincides with more worries about skills, tools, and standards among service providers at SDN/MPLS Conference

At the recent SDN/MPLS International Conference in Washington, D.C., Packet Design surveyed more than 60 service providers about SDN adoption, business drivers, and concerns. Compared to the same survey the company conducted in 2013, here are the key findings:

  • Production SDN among service providers has grown by nearly 200 percent (53% vs. only 19% in 2013).
  • More service providers see SDN as a way to increase agility (up 150% as the top business driver) and support new services.
  • At the same time, service providers are more concerned about lack of industry standards (56% vs. only 26% in 2013) and not having adequate management visibility and control (32%; up 52% from 2013). While more than half of those surveyed are concerned about SDN complexity, the number is down seven percent (53% this year vs. 57% in 2013).
  • Nearly 70 percent believe their network teams do NOT have the skills and experience to implement and manage SDN (new question for 2014).
  • Almost 100 percent of service providers said that SDN requires new management tools and that some of their existing tools will not work with SDN.“

The survey shows that more service providers are moving beyond the SDN test phase but concerns persist about industry standards, tools, and staff readiness,” said Steve Harriman, senior vice president of marketing for Packet Design. “SDN presents unique challenges that traditional management processes and tools cannot address. New SDN analytics and orchestration tools are needed to give service providers and enterprises alike visibility into whether or not the network can handle SDN application requests and how to provision them optimally without adversely impacting other services.”

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