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Explorer SDN Path Provisioning

The Explorer SDN Path Provisioning application is built on Packet Design’s SDN Platform. Like the SDN Traffic Engineering application, it leverages the Platform’s vendor-agnostic IP/MPLS telemetry and analytics to give network operators powerful automated service provisioning capabilities. With Packet Design’s SDN Path Provisioning application, service providers can quickly and easily create a catalog of transport services that can be used to automate fulfillment of subscriber requests. Constraints may be applied to address a variety of path provisioning use cases, such as diversity, low latency, disaster recovery and data sovereignty.



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Key Benefits

  • Increase competitiveness by satisfying customer service requests in minutes versus days
  • Accelerate time to revenue while making optimum use of network assets
  • Minimize disruption by integrating with the SDN controller, service orchestrator or OSS platform of your choice
  • Reduce engineering time spent on day-to-day service requests
  • Gain real-time management visibility into newly-provisioned paths
  • Adopt automation of service provisioning at your own pace

Product Capabilities


  • The SDN Path Provisioning application allows network providers to create a catalog of transport services using an intuitive web-based wizard. Service paths can be created for a variety of subscriber needs, such as low latency, data sovereignty (e.g. to ensure traffic does not cross country borders) and diversity. Each service can also be defined with its own priority and optimization algorithm to be used for calculating the path, including lowest delay, shortest IGP or shortest TE metric.

    Additional constraints may be supplied, if needed. These include the use of RSVP-TE tunnels or Segment Routing, plus various path diversity and path protection options, such as the inclusion or exclusion of nodes, links, interfaces, SRLGs, and user-specified affinities and masks.


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SDN Path Provisioning App Deployment


automate network path provisioning