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Explorer Suite

The Explorer network service assurance suite fills a key management gap in IP/MPLS networks. While SNMP, log, NetFlow, DPI, APM and other tools are ubiquitous, only the Explorer products provide real-time visibility into how routing behavior affects service delivery. And they are engineered for SDN, providing powerful analytics and orchestration capabilities to accelerate the transition to self-healing, self-optimizing networks.

Packet Design technology has been field-proven for more than a decade. The people responsible for managing the largest, most complex networks in the world depend on the Explorer products to ensure critical services are delivered optimally and reliably. When their NMS and OSS dashboards are green but customers are complaining of poor service quality, Packet Design tells them why.



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Key Benefits

  • Understand how network routing paths affect SLAs
  • Resolve transient and intermittent problems much faster
  • Avoid unintended service impacts from network changes
  • Make more informed infrastructure investments
  • Accelerate the design and provisioning of new, differentiated services
  • Simplify the development of SDN applications using a single analytics and automation platform

Product Capabilities


  • The Explorer products capture real-time network telemetry from the devices in IP/MPLS networks as well as from SDN controllers. All routing events are captured by passively monitoring the IGP and BGP routing protocols to maintain an always-current Layer 3 model. Traffic flow records and performance metrics are collected and mapped to the routing data to provide path-aware visibility into service delivery. The Explorer data can be used to establish historical baselines for alert triggers, to generate traffic matrices for different times and workloads, and for forensic analysis.

    With the Explorer products, operations teams are empowered to triage problems faster and troubleshoot many that previously had to be escalated to level 2/3 engineering staff. With customizable dashboards for at-a-glance views into overall network health, the performance of certain network segments, critical customer VPNs, etc., technicians can be more proactive in managing service delivery than ever before.

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