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Performance Explorer

Performance Explorer collects and reports SNMP-based performance data (e.g. availability, CPU, memory, latency, packet loss, jitter, etc.) from all network devices under management. Working in combination with Route Explorer and Traffic Explorer, Performance Explorer completes the industry’s first unified, path-aware network service assurance solution, and complements existing SNMP tools.

Performance Explorer correlates routing events with latency and performance metrics to help network professionals understand how service delivery is affected by network routing behavior. With real-time and historical visibility into service paths and device performance network-wide, engineers can now optimize their networks with unprecedented accuracy and speed.



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Key Benefits

  • Reduce SLA breaches with proactive monitoring of infrastructure performance and real-time alerts for early threat detection
  • Enable fast incident triage with performance alerts, operations dashboards, and intuitive workflows for problem isolation and diagnosis
  • Improve MTTR and customer satisfaction by detecting network hotspots that traditional tools miss
  • Make more informed engineering decisions by knowing how routing path changes will impact latency and other performance metrics
  • Replay the network’s behavior to quickly identify the cause of transient, performance-impacting issues
  • Provide customers with detailed hop-by-hop performance metrics of overlay services, like Layer 2 and Layer 3 VPNs, when required

Product Capabilities


  • Performance Explorer provides historical performance metrics in context with routing events and traffic flows. This unique correlation helps network professionals troubleshoot the hard-to-find, intermittent service delivery problems that traditional network monitoring tools miss because they cannot see dynamic routing events and their impact on traffic flows across the network.

    Network operations staff are alerted to potential service-impacting performance issues based on deviations from adaptive baselines. They can use the product’s built-in, intuitive dashboards to drill down into the specific links or devices in question to see both the routing events and performance metrics in context. And the incorporated guided workflows enable staff to troubleshoot and perform triage more efficiently, resulting in lower MTTR and overall improved service delivery.

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Performance Explorer Deployment