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Route Explorer for Multicast

Route Explorer's Multicast module delivers end-to-end visibility into the advanced network services used for market trading data distribution, broadcast video, multimedia distribution, online education, desktop imaging and other purposes where data must be delivered simultaneously to multiple receivers. Given the criticality of many multicast applications, the numbers of subscribers affected, and the financial penalties that service interruptions may incur, being able to monitor and troubleshoot issues quickly is essential. However, due to their routing complexity, multicast services are typically understood only by a few engineers, and operational monitoring is limited to basic availability tests, with little or no visibility into how the routing control plane impacts service delivery.

Route Explorer goes far beyond traditional SNMP management tools by providing network operations and engineering teams with real-time and historical views into multicast routing groups, trees, events, latency and variances from baseline conditions. In addition, it provides modeling capabilities to simulate multicast routing and traffic changes (when used with Traffic Explorer) so that their impact on service delivery is known beforehand.

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Key Benefits

  • Ensure data is delivered across multicast groups in a timely and fair fashion
  • Be alerted immediately to multicast routing anomalies and avoid prolonged outages that impact service delivery
  • Troubleshoot intermittent and hard-to-find multicast issues faster
  • Eliminate outages caused by misconfigured multicast routing and groups
  • Understand traffic volume by multicast group for better planning and congestion avoidance
  • Simulate routing changes and error conditions to ensure the network is configured to handle them

Product Capabilities


  • Route Explorer's Multicast module captures multicast data from network routers using collection methods that are optimized for the different router manufacturers. The data includes multicast trees, groups, leaves, and multicast-enabled interfaces.

    Engineers can browse SSM and ASM groups, routers, active and inactive sources, interfaces, neighbors, receivers, etc., and view multicast trees in the context of the entire network. Specific trees can be easily highlighted, showing the source, rendezvous point (RP) and leaf routers. Traffic flows are captured and monitored for each group and source (with Traffic Explorer), as well as performance, showing on network visualizations the latency for each hop across a tree.

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Route Explorer for Multicast Deployment