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Route Explorer

IP networks change constantly, automatically re-routing traffic based on network load conditions and when problems occur. While conventional tools poll the infrastructure for health status and utilization metrics, they cannot provide insight into the network's control plane. Without the ability to visualize, monitor, analyze and model changes to the Layer 3 operation of the network, pinpointing and correcting service delivery problems, building in network resiliency, and optimizing performance is ad hoc, manually-intensive and error-prone.

Route Explorer™, the industry’s leading IP/MPLS route analytics software, is designed for network engineers, architects, planners, peering analysts, and operations teams responsible for today’s complex, mission-critical service provider and enterprise networks. It provides management visibility into routing behavior for all IGP and BGP protocols, Layer 2/3 VPNs, traffic engineering tunnels, segment routing and multicast with real-time monitoring, historical reporting, and what-if modeling capabilities.

By passively monitoring the routing protocols that direct the flow of traffic throughout the network, Route Explorer constructs the routers’ view of the network, computing and displaying topology changes and routes in real time. It provides visibility into the dynamic routing operations across the entire network, enabling fast identification and resolution of difficult-to-diagnose problems, effective and trouble-free maintenance, and the ability to easily and accurately plan for network changes and optimization. Furthermore, it is the foundation for the industry's first independent SDN Analytics and Automation Platform for core IP/MPLS networks.

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Key Benefits

  • Understand how IGP/BGP routing path changes affect service performance in real time
  • Find the root cause of intermittent routing-related problems with a 'network DVR'
  • Avoid unintended service impacts from network changes
  • Optimize network utilization, resiliency, and service delivery
  • Accelerate the design and provisioning of new services
  • Avert the risk of service outages from loss of network redundancy

Product Capabilities


  • From a single Route Explorer physical or virtual appliance, network professionals can view the real-time routing structure of their entire network as a seamless topology map, even when the network is running multiple protocols, spans multiple domains or Autonomous Systems, or utilizes static routes that are not injected into routing protocols.

    Route Explorer detects loss of IP-layer connectivity immediately and sends alerts to a management console so that corrective action can be taken. Routing instabilities or changes that go unnoticed by conventional management systems but which impact service availability and performance are visible within seconds, leading to early detection and prevention of service outages, and rapid time-to-repair.

    Operations dashboards provide network-wide views into service delivery with intuitive drill-in workflows for diagnosing network hot spots or anomalies.

    Route Explorer supports all of the popular routing protocols and scales to the largest networks with thousands of routers and multiple copies of the Internet routing table.

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Route Explorer Deployment

Collecting real-time network telemetry