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Explorer SDN Traffic Engineering

The Explorer SDN Traffic Engineering (SDN-TE) application is an example of the intelligent, software-controlled orchestration capabilities that can be achieved with the Explorer SDN Platform.

The SDN-TE application leverages the Platform’s rich network telemetry and analytics to automate the difficult and time-consuming task of balancing IP/MPLS network loads. It does this by creating Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP-TE) or Segment Routing (SR-TE) tunnels to shift traffic from heavily-congested links to lightly-used links. This results in better overall use of network resources and smoother service delivery. The SDN-TE application taps into several components of the Explorer SDN Platform, including real-time IGB/BGP routing telemetry, traffic matrices, a policy-based path computation and optimization engine, and an interface to SDN controllers. Like all applications built on the Platform, it accesses these components via open, RESTful APIs.



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Key Benefits

  • Increase network efficiency and maximize the return on infrastructure investments
  • Reduce planning time from days to minutes with analytics-derived traffic engineering recommendations
  • Provision new services faster and accelerate time to revenue
  • Avoid unplanned service interruptions with error-free automated traffic engineering
  • Accommodate multiple services requirements by generating traffic matrices for different times and workload profiles
  • Easily integrate third party data sources and technologies, like traffic matrices, optimization algorithms, and orchestrators

Product Capabilities


  • The SDN-TE application assesses the current network state to determine if optimization is needed and possible. Overall network performance is summarized in a single display for the current set of paths and traffic demands, and graphically shows the maximum link utilization, maximum delay, and the maximum number of hops. It also charts the number of links that are uncongested, moderately congested, and heavily congested.


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SDN-TE App Deployment


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