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Data Sheets

Explorer Suite Overview

The Explorer Suite is the only solution that combines real-time routing, traffic, and performance analytics for assuring service delivery over IP/MPLS wide area networks.

Route Explorer

Route Explorer™ is the foundation of the Explorer Suite, providing real-time and historical analysis of IGP and BGP routing events, troubleshooting workflows, and modeling capabilities for simulating network changes and new workloads.

Route Explorer for VPNs

Route Explorer™ overcomes critical operational blind spots in MPLS VPN networks by providing routing analysis for Layer 2 Virtual Leased Lines and Layer 3 VPNs, network-wide.

Route Explorer for MPLS VPN WANs

Route Explorer™ delivers end-to-end network visibility across outsourced Layer 3 MPLS VPNs, helping enterprises ensure the availability, performance, and security of their WANs while keeping service providers accountable.

Route Explorer for Multicast

The Route Explorer™ for Multicast module delivers end-to-end visibility into the advanced network services used for market trading data distribution, broadcast video, multimedia distribution, online education, desktop imaging, and other purposes where data must be delivered reliably and simultaneously to multiple receivers.

Route Explorer for Traffic Engineering

Route Explorer™ provides unique insight into traffic engineered tunnels, helping network operators assure the availability and performance of critical service traffic.

Traffic Explorer

The Traffic Explorer™ module of the Explorer Suite adds real-time and historical analysis of traffic behavior. Network-wide visibility into traffic paths gives network operators the ability to operate, troubleshoot, plan, and optimize their networks with unprecedented accuracy and speed.

Performance Explorer

The Performance Explorer module of the Explorer Suite gives operations and engineering teams end-to-end and hop-by-hop visibility into latency and performance metrics in the industry’s first unified, path-aware network service assurance solution.

Explorer SDN Analytics and Automation Platform

The Explorer SDN Analytics and Automation Platform is the first independent, open, and vendor-agnostic set of integrated technologies to provide visibility and control of physical and virtual network resources in IP/MPLS wide area networks. It gives customers and other third parties easy access to the functions needed to develop SDN applications and enable intelligent provisioning of network services via SDN controllers and service orchestrators.

SDN Path Provisioning

The Explorer SDN Path Provisioning application automates service path computation via a unique set of real-time, historical, and predictive analytics from the Packet Design Explorer SDN Platform. Operators can provision services in minutes to satisfy customer requests for low latency, path diversity, data sovereignty, and other path constraints.

SDN Traffic Engineering

The Explorer SDN Traffic Engineering application is an example of the intelligent analytics and automation capabilities that can be achieved with the Explorer SDN Platform. It leverages the Platform’s rich network telemetry and analytics to automate the difficult and time-consuming task of balancing network loads by creating tunnels to shift loads from heavily-congested links to lightly-used links. This results in better use of network resources and smoother service delivery.