3 Ways to Avoid Network Entropy

The ideal way to deploy RSVP-TE tunnel is based on standardization. But, a decent working configuration can be copied to create tunnels for another router and creates a misconfiguration. And that error, to everyone’s horror (but often to no one’s knowledge), can be copied again and again leading to a black hole of network disaster. Over time, your maintenance windows get longer, down time goes up, and sleep goes out the window. The worst part is your SO sends you to the couch due to the nightly escalations. During this webinar Greg Hooten, will be demonstrating 3 steps to reach – wait for it – standardization!

  1. You have to know the tunnels are right. If you don’t know, there’s a good chance they’re wrong.
  2. Set the standards for creating tunnels AND make sure they are created the same way every time.
  3. Verify tunnels are meeting standards continuously from now on and forever.