Demo with Dalberg – November 2017

Expect the Unexpected: Predicting Traffic Growth in an Ever Changing Network

Capacity Planning can be as simple or as complex as you want it to be, but with our Traffic Explorer Suite we can take the mystery out of traffic growth and allow you to model increases in capacity, as well as the future state of your network. Adding and removing routers, adding/removing/changing links, and adding RSVP-TE Tunnels creates a complex tapestry of potential problems, and to accurately predict how all of these changes are going to impact your service offerings, you need some serious analytics.

In this demo, Steve will walk you through how we can take the network today, adapt the model to a theoretical future state, and get real results in minutes instead of hours or days. Our Planning Mode is simple to use, but takes into account all of the complexities that exist in modern control planes.