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Planning & Optimization

With network operators under pressure to roll out new services more quickly while delivering consistently high availability and performance, network planning and optimization is critical. Time to market demands, shrinking maintenance windows, and increasingly complex IP networks require a fast but sophisticated approach to make sound business and technology decisions. However, with just statistical data and point-in-time network snapshots to work with, network engineers struggle to properly design, provision, and optimize dynamic networks that are both technically and financially sound, and able to accommodate multiple services and varying workloads.

Packet Design’s elegant solution gives planners and engineers rich current and historical data, plus simulation capabilities to perform “what if” exercises interactively. With the ability to work with the live network model or one from a point in time, they can model new overlay services, traffic engineered tunnels, and different network conditions to ensure new service activations go smoothly. Deep service path analytics that are not available in traditional tools plus traffic matrices and performance metrics provide everything engineers need to optimize routing for maximum flexibility and return on network assets. And in the face of constant change, they can easily audit the network to ensure configurations stay in compliance.

The Explorer Suite is SDN-ready, so as network operators begin experimenting with self-provisioning networks to accelerate service creation and activation, they can take advantage of Packet Design’s analytics and automation capabilities and their integration with popular open source SDN controllers.


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  • Interactive modeling for accelerated change planning
  • New design verification on the current network model
  • Simulation of new services to understand their impact on others
  • Network-wide audits to ensure optimum performance and resiliency
  • What-if modeling of changes and failure scenarios
  • Path computation & optimization engine for calculating best paths

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